The Greek Sense Of Taste Creating At Its Highest Form

Chef Lefteris Lazarou and his team have curated a menu of signature Varoulko dishes using the finest raw materials. Each of them brings uniquely a medley of tastes and textures in perfect harmony to create a culinary experience that awakens all the senses. It’s art that you can taste.

Redefining Seafood As We Know It

Get a first taste of the Varoulko gastronomic identity by exploring our menu.


  • Raw oysters (piece) 7€
  • Fish roe dip (taramosalata) extra virgin olive oil, lemon 10€
  • Octopus carpaccio, smoked fava beans, Florina pepper vinaigrette, shallot 18€
  • Crabmeat on crispy brioche, basil, avocado cream, chili mayonnaise 19€
  • Eggplant with smoked eel, fresh cream cheese, cumin, pistachio, dates 19€
  • Crispy dorado fillet on thin slices of sourdough bread, smoked eggplant mousse, pea puree, tomato, carrot jam 19€
  • Fish patty (grouper), Florina pepper cream, basil 19€
  • Sesame crusted tuna fillet, seaweed salad, soy sauce-lime 19€
  • Sautéed scallops, chorizo crust, watermelon pickle, tomato water 21€
  • Squid* pesto Genovese, potato nest, tomato confit 21€
  • Steamed clams, Limnos wine, kumquat, tagliolini Cipriani 22€
  • Grilled cuttlefish with vegetables, black raisins, pine nuts, feta mousse 22€
  • Squid on the grill, fish roe, roasted lettuce, ouzo jellies 22€
  • Octopus on the grill 23€
  • Shrimps on wine sauce, garlic, parsley 25€


  • Fish soup, fresh tomato, grouper, stonefish broth 16€
  • Gazpacho, crayfish tartar, strawberry, basil, capers 17€


  • Greek salad , cherry tomatoes, caper leaves, rock samphire, red Florina pepper, feta mousse 17€
  • Quinoa salad, grilled shrimps, smoked eggplant, soy sauce-lime 19€
  • Green salad, citrus, smoked eel 19€


  • Marinated sea bass carpaccio, seaweeds wakame 18€
  • Red mullet ceviche marinated in citrus, poached pear in beer, tomato water 19€
  • Marinated red shrimps in citrus, ginger, basil - feta cheese cream 22€

Main Course

  • Cuttlefish risotto 26€

    (Also served on its ink)

  • Orzo, shrimps* 27€

    Limnos wine, dried hot red pepper flakes (boukovo), parmesan cheese

  • Linguini grouper 29€

    minced shrimp, cherry tomatoes

  • Slice of grouper with artichoke from Tinos, peas, egg yolk - lemon, stonefish broth 36€

    sea bream, John Dory, (depending on the catch of the day)

  • Slice of grouper with risotto, shiitake mushrooms, fennel sauce 36€

    sea brearn, John Dory, (depending on the catch of the day)

  • Slice of grouper with zucchini cream, mint, lemon, truffle 36€

    sea bream, John Dory, (depending on the catch of the day)

  • Slice of grouper with roasted eggplant with onion, tomato, garlic, parsley 36€

    Slice of grouper, sea bream, John Dory, (depending on the catch of the day)

  • Slice of fish 34€

    (grouper, sea bream, dentex), grilled vegetables or seasonal greens

  • Grilled fish 90€

    with seasonal greens

Vegan Menu

  • Green salad, citrus 14€
  • Quinoa salad, smoked eggplant, lime zest 15€
  • Eggplant, fresh cream cheese, cumin, pistachio, dates 15€
  • Roasted lettuce, celeriac cream, mustard seed pickle 15€
  • Risotto with artichoke from Tinos, cream cheese from Crete flavored with black truffle 18€
  • Risotto, shiitake mushrooms, fennel sauce 18€


  • Fig 14€

    Walnut pie, cinnamon namelaka, yuzu, yoghurt mousse, fig sorbet

  • Lemon pie 12€

    Mousseline ginger, lemon cream, almond biscuit, tonka-pepper ice cream

  • Chocolate 14€

    Chocolate cremeux 35% Valhrona (caramelia), cremeux bitter 80%, (komuntu) tarragon namelaka , beetroot pure, blood orange sorbet

  • Melon 14€

    Lemon verbena namelaka, raspberry ganache, tequila, pistachio ice cream

  • Sorbet variety 12€
  • Ice cream variety 12€

Pastry chef Theodoros Moysidis

  • Bread per person 3€
  • Mineral water Theoni 1It 2.90€



  • Lemon pie
  • Mousseline ginger, lemon cream, almond biscuit, tonka-pepper ice cream

* * *


90.00€ Per person

VAT is included



  • Chocolate cremeux 70% Valhrona (guanaja), cremeux gianduja, namelaka rum, financier cocoa – chili, mango-passion fruit sorbet

* * *


110.00€ Per person

VAT is included

Our Know-How


Through their love for fish, seafood, local tastes and the finest Greek raw materials, Chef Lefteris Lazarou and his team have created a menu with dishes that exude ingenuity and are a true testament to Varoulko’s legacy. Starting with the implementation of elite techniques and the use of the freshest raw materials, the result cannot be anything less than effortless tastiness.